Do you feel uninspired? Stuck?

Is your soul calling for more?

Well, you’re not alone. But don’t lose heart. You can feel alive again, and you don’t have to do anything drastic to get there.
All it takes is an open mind, a curious spirit and a willing heart.

Join The Magic of Everyday Adventures, a 6-week inspiring ecourse that will remind you that you can live a life that lights you up.

What it is

The Magic of Everyday Adventures is a 6-week ecourse designed to help you
plug back into life.

Each week you’ll receive a video that offers guidance to help you explore
and take action on a particular theme:

Week 1 — Live in the Moment
Week 2 — Practice Gratitude
Week 3 — Own Your Awesomeness
Week 4 — Rekindle Your Childlike Wonder
Week 5 — Seize the Day
Week 6 — Keep Moving Forward

Are you ready to step out of autopilot, have fun and embrace life?  Sign up now!*

WARNING: this eCourse may cause you to burst into spontaneous fits of laughter, sing with abandon, experience heart-expanding gratitude, grin uncontrollably, find the extraordinary in the ordinary, feel deliciously inspired and/or discover magic in unexpected places. Individual results will vary (and please… capture them on video)!

What it includes

  • Six weeks of heart-expanding materials. Each week you’ll receive an email with:
    • A short, fun video lesson
    • Activities for the week
    • A playsheet (why call them worksheets? ugh!)

When does the adventure begin?

Right away! You’ll receive an intro video by email after you’ve signed up.*


What is the investment?

$47 US. I’ve set the price low to make the course super accessible.

From a time perspective, it’s a 6-week ecourse, but you’re free to take it as slowly as you like. This is all about FUN – so no pressure!

If your soul is crying out YES! and you have an open heart, an open mind and are positive by nature, I’d love to have you join! But please check in with your inner wisdom before signing up* — I’ve put a lot of love, energy and time into the course, so will not be able to offer refunds.

(*In purchasing this course, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.)


If you have any questions, please reach out! I’d be happy to answer them.

Your guide

Hi! I’m Christine Callahan-Oke. I’m a mom, writer, empowerment coach and positive thinker. Oh, and I’m your cheering section too. (Can’t help it, I’m enthusiastic by nature.) To learn more about me, click here.

An important note: sometimes I’m a bit wacky. But what is life without a bit of wackiness?

Are you ready for the magic of everyday adventures?

What a wonderful course! It really reminded me how to bring back the magic of everyday life (which is really what we all need ;). Christine has a heart of gold, too. A great course to get back on track to the simplicity and joys of life!

Sara Love,

I joined The Magic of Everyday Adventures at a shifting time in my life. I was preparing to take my boyfriend on a surprise trip to Italy to propose. On top of the stress of the behind-the-scenes meetings and managing all of the moving parts, I was in the middle of some major changes in the way I run my business. I knew that I needed support through the process and to remember why I was doing all of this.

And in comes Christine Callahan-Oke and her fantastic program. And all I have to say is “What a lifesaver.” In these easy-to-absorb, quick but powerful videos, Christine navigated me right back on track and reminded me of the simple steps it takes to remember that every day is an adventure. Life is an adventure. The greatest adventure we’ll ever know.

I walked away every week feeling empowered, optimistic, and even excited about the steps that were laid out before me. They were no longer overwhelming obligations but rather signposts on a grand expedition of my own making. This work put me back on the path and reminded me that I’m the one driving forward.

If you’re a seeker who’s ready to make some shifts in your life, there’s no question about it—The Magic of Everyday Adventures will empower you and align you with where you want to go. I’m so grateful that I found this program at the right time for me.

Mike Iamele,

Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Christine is an optimist. She can see the potential that lies within each of us, even when we can’t. I’ve been working with her for over a year now and she has helped me take my dreams and goals and put them into action – creating a life that most people only dream about! If you want to stop playing small and take your life to the next level, then work with her! She can help!

Maja Gray,

I’m grateful to have known Christine for years, and I have been able to witness firsthand her wisdom, compassion, and insightfulness. She has a beautiful way of helping us see our greatness. I trust her completely and take her loving suggestions to heart. She has such a special gift, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach for anyone who is wanting to walk this journey with a loving guide.

Jodi Chapman,

Working with Christine was such a high. High energy, high insight and clarity. In our work together, I was able to make a significant, energetic shift in how I feel about my business and even, in some ways, the Universe. Christine has a special quality to her coaching…energetic, light and yet deep. Thank you so much, Christine. The benefits of our coaching together just keep rolling in!

Ellie Jacques-Capon

Are you ready to feel alive?

Christine is one of the most thoughtful, generous and insightful people I know. She listens intently and provides support and guidance to help you conquer your fears and work towards achieving your dreams. She has this amazing ability to know just when you need some extra support. She also has a way of bringing together amazing people through her courses, which resulted in me making incredible new connections. I’m so grateful to Christine for all the support and guidance she has provided to me over the past few years and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to empower themselves to change their lives.

Katy Posen

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