I’ve had the privilege of working with a lot of coaches—life coaches, business coaches, spiritual coaches, you name it. I’m not new to this field. And yet I am in a constant state of awe at the transformations that occur when I work with Christine. This woman holds space like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. She makes room for you to come to your own conclusions, your own shifts, in the most nonjudgmental and loving way possible. And she guides you to be your best self. In fact, she can’t see you as anything but the amazing, adventurous, limitless soul that you are. Through Christine’s eyes, you know your infinite worth—and, better than that, you believe it.

I had the single biggest transformation of my life after only a few sessions with Christine. I’m still in awe and deep, deep gratitude for the honor I’ve had to spend time with this woman. And what’s maybe most humbling of all is that she helps you to see that you are the one doing the transformation. She is the space-holder and guide to lead you back to your own limitless wisdom and power.

If you ever have the chance to work with Christine—in any capacity—take it. A world filled with the possibility and adventure Christine brings into your life is something everyone deserves.

Mike Iamele, MikeIamele.com

Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

What I loved most about my session with Christine was her presence, which was deeply felt. This woman knows how to hold space to help you birth your creative ideas. I felt inspired, open and excited working with her.

Christine creates the space for you to feel safe being vulnerable and to help you connect with your vision. I left the session feeling motivated and excited to move forward with my project. I’m eager to share my vision with the world!! Thank you, Christine!!

Cheryl Rozovsky, SoulfulInteriors.com

Christine is my midwife to the unknown! She has helped me to birth new confidence and new perceptions, which in turn are leading to new directions and new projects, in ways that I used to be afraid even to dream about. Working with her is a beautiful combination of lightness and laughter, reaching and resting, freaking out and finding balance…Christine has a lovely way of creating a natural and comfortable (and sometimes kooky) space in which to discover and explore my heart’s desires, and to open up the paths to getting there. I love the feeling of spaciousness and fun that she provides in her calls and in her emails–these have allowed me to breathe freely into some dark and scary questions, and to grow and thrive as a result.

And I just love her authenticity! I love how she is deeply curious about her own personal and spiritual growth, always trekking into the questions that she poses for her clients. When I work with Christine, she is walking along the path with me, intuitively following the twists and turns that the unpredictable journey might take. I love that she embraces the gifts of vulnerability and not knowing–I love that she trusts her intuition! When I work with her, I witness a dynamic being in motion–and this is so inspiring.

Whatever it is you are wishing or hoping or yearning to move towards, Christine will be there, encouraging you to go deeper and cheering you on!

Sarah E. Atkinson

Christine Callahan-Oke is a wonderful coach who strikes an ideal balance between skill and insight, and a warm and encouraging nature. She was able to fully understand the complexities of my situation, and provided me with strategies and suggestions that have proven to be very useful and positive. What touched me most, in addition to all the terrific information and insights she shared, was the feeling – no, the knowledge – she gave me that I would not be going it alone, that as I implemented the strategies she would be there on my team, rooting for me the whole way. What a wonderful feeling! I highly recommend Christine as a coach! Reba Linker, RebaLinker.com

Christine is an optimist. She can see the potential that lies within each of us, even when we can’t. I’ve been working with her for over a year now and she has helped me take my dreams and goals and put them into action – creating a life that most people only dream about! If you want to stop playing small and take your life to the next level, then work with her! She can help! Maja Gray, MajaGray.com

Christine is one of the most positive and kind people I know. She has a knack for helping people shift their perspective and see things in a way they might not have considered before, allowing them to change their lives and their reality in the process. If you’re in a funk or want to make big changes in your life, she’ll help you to feel deeply empowered, inspired, and on-purpose. I couldn’t recommend her enough! Therese Schwenkler, The Unlost

Working with Christine was such a high. High energy, high insight and clarity. In our work together, I was able to make a significant, energetic shift in how I feel about my business and even, in some ways, the Universe. Christine has a special quality to her coaching…energetic, light and yet deep. Thank you so much, Christine. The benefits of our coaching together just keep rolling in! Ellie Jacques-Capon

Christine is a very special coach and person. I am so grateful that our paths crossed and I had an opportunity to be a recipient of her wisdom, intuition, optimism and generosity. I felt like I was talking with a very wise best friend, whose only agenda was to help me move forward in the ways that were in my highest and best interests. Our coaching session was low-key and relaxed, but left me with a number of concrete, actionable items that felt joyful and doable. I have since plowed through many longstanding items on my ‘to do’ list, giving me a real sense of relief and ‘unstuckness’ compared to before our session. Christine was able to motivate me to move on stuff that had been overwhelming and paralysing me for a long time. I am now better able to focus and am starting to develop in new directions that feel aligned with my soul and my ‘raison d’ȇtre’. I feel like I have a fresh start with clear directions for the path ahead.

I was also very surprised at how much value there could be in a single session. I think this is due to Christine’s incredible soul generosity – she was eager to provide me with any and everything at her disposal if she thought it would be helpful…there was no sense of holding anything back for a future time; it sounds trite, but she is just so absolutely genuine. I know she cares about what happens in my life. I highly recommend that you take advantage of her free ‘discovery session’ to see if you and Christine are a good fit. It might just change your life.

Debbie Perret, Write From Your Heart

I’m grateful to have known Christine for years, and I have been able to witness firsthand her wisdom, compassion, and insightfulness. She has a beautiful way of helping us see our greatness. I trust her completely and take her loving suggestions to heart. She has such a special gift, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach for anyone who is wanting to walk this journey with a loving guide. Jodi Chapman, jodichapman.com

Christine is one of the most thoughtful, generous and insightful people I know. She listens intently and provides support and guidance to help you conquer your fears and work towards achieving your dreams. She has this amazing ability to know just when you need some extra support.  She also has a way of bringing together amazing people through her courses, which resulted in me making incredible new connections. I’m so grateful to Christine for all the support and guidance she has provided to me over the past few years and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to empower themselves to change their lives. Katy Posen

Christine is a careful listener and an empathetic coach.  Her style is gentle and affirming.  Her thoughtful suggestions and advice gave me confidence to take action in a work situation, rather than adopting a passive ‘wait and see’ approach.  Christine reminded me to ‘lighten up’, to take time to acknowledge and appreciate the many positive things in my life, and to make some time for myself—simple, important things that we too often allow to drop to the bottom of our endless ‘to do’ lists.  Working with Christine was an uplifting experience and I wholeheartedly recommend a coaching session with her if you need a compassionate ear and a fresh perspective on a situation. CK from Kitchener, Ontario Canada

Christine has a gentle, enchanting nature about her that lets people know they can trust her and they won’t be judged. She helped me feel safe and I appreciated her kindness, loving thoughts and way of speaking to me. Others would benefit from her approach as well. I’d most definitely recommend her as a coach! Renee Avard, Catch A Falling Star

I loved our session! You are a great coach. I feel more ready than ever to step out of my comfort zone. You are easy to talk to, were prepared in advance and provided me with very doable assignments to help me achieve my goals. Clarissa Wilson, clarissawilson.com

Throughout our coaching sessions, Christine helped me truly see myself and my needs and allowed me the space and support to return to self-care. She gently nudged me towards my greater good. I appreciated her tender care, practical suggestions and in-between check ins. Tanya Levy, Heartlady

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