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I’m so excited to share that I’m officially an author! I contributed two pieces to a beautiful, heart-centered book, 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul, and it launches today! The book’s many topics include meditation, being in nature, playing, creating, receiving messages from loved ones on the other side, and more.

I’m honoured to share one of my pieces with you here on the blog!


The Beauty of Childlike Wonder

I’m a big kid at heart. I love to be silly. What I especially love, though, is seeing the amazingness of the world through my young boys’ eyes.

Until I had kids, I didn’t think about how beautiful it is to experience life through eyes that aren’t clouded by experience.

When we’re kids, we do things with such passion and enthusiasm. We don’t see limitations; we see opportunities for adventure. And we’re not held back by funds or practicality. If we can’t have or experience something firsthand, no problem! We can still experience it – by imagining it.

One of my favorite pastimes as a child was leafing through my parents’ National Geographic magazines, imagining the amazing places I’d travel to and the incredible things I’d do.

Want to go to the Taj Mahal? Sure, let’s go this afternoon!

The Amazon Rainforest? Yep – but let’s have a snack first.

Want to be a princess in a castle? Yeah, of COURSE!

As we grow up, though, we become burdened with responsibilities and self-imposed limits. We rush around on autopilot, then search for the meaning in it all. And in our flurry, it’s easy to lose touch with our innate childlike gift – the ability to find beauty in the moment, to see wonder and possibility in everything around us.

So now, when I find myself spiraling into stress or overwhelm, I’m reminded that I can drop everything for a bit and call out my inner kid. I play, dance, giggle, explore with my kids, or just do something spontaneous. I allow myself to strip away the adult layers and find joy in whatever calls to me, without judgment. In those moments, I’m more easily able to see the beauty in the smallest thing.

Rekindling my childlike wonder brings me back to center and makes my soul come alive. In those moments I feel lighter, freer, and like anything truly is possible.

And what a gift that is to my adult heart.


~ On Nov. 17th (launch day!) visit Jodi Chapman – Soul Speak for more about this beautiful book that has been lovingly written to help you connect with your soul. On Nov. 18th, visit Let Me Move You Through. ~


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