It’s amazing how much we rely on technology. But I didn’t expect to rely on my computer for an important life lesson.

I do almost all my work on my laptop. That includes my writing and coaching, as I usually coach my clients on Skype. So I appreciate technology – and admittedly get very frustrated when it doesn’t work as expected.

A while ago my laptop was doing strange, irritating things, not allowing me to do the work I needed to get done. I was briefly tempted to throw it out the window. Thankfully I didn’t. (We’re back on speaking terms.)

Here’s what happened that morning when I dove into my work.

I moved my finger along the trackpad to select something on the screen, but the arrow selection tool just jumped around, going nowhere near what I wanted to click on.

So I tried again. And it responded the same way.


I got more and more frustrated, but kept trying. I touched the trackpad and attempted to select something, but the arrow just bounced around and moved to random spots on the screen.

For some reason the arrow was not aligned with my finger movements, and wouldn’t let me direct it to where I wanted it to go.

As a result, I ended up clicking on the wrong things and making all sorts of unintended selections.

And that’s when I realized the situation was a metaphor for my life.

When I’m super busy trying to push and force things to get done, I disconnect from my heart and work more from my head. And then I’m not aligned with my inner wisdom. So I end up jumping all over the place, frantically trying to make things work, but can’t make the “right” choices for myself because I’m out of alignment.

The result? I make all sorts of unintended choices.

So my laptop taught me this:

When I’m aligned and living intentionally, life flows more easily and I’m able to make conscious, heart-centered choices that are right for me. When I’m out of alignment, my choices are more reactive and don’t necessarily serve me well.

So, how do I stay aligned? Truth be told, I don’t. Not all the time, anyway. But the key is, when I realize I’m out of alignment, I try to step away for a moment and simply breathe. Then I reconnect, one breath at a time.

Oh, and my laptop? Well, as soon as I picked up on the lesson, it started working as usual.

Funny how that happens.

What about you? Do you find that you make unintended choices when you’re not plugged into your inner wisdom?


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